Saturday, October 31, 2009

Swede Things

Teresa's back from a trip to Sweden! Here are some photos, it's a mix of nature, man-made, abstract and concrete.

I loooove the lake view above. It's so peaceful, and the colors are so cozily, hazily fall.
Here are some of our favorite Swedish movies

Let the Right One In-the best vampire movie ever. Also, read the book of the same title. It's not your usual vampire romance. In fact, not sure if it is even a love story. If you've seen the movie, any thoughts?

My Life as a Dog-it's so poignant, funny and sad, about a boy's coming of age amidst tragedy. the worst happens early on, and the rest of the film is a healing process for him, surrounded by good-hearted adults. The young actors are amazing here.

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