Thursday, October 1, 2009

This week is especially autumnal in NYC. The coats get heavier as days get shorter. It's only been a week into fall, and already one's nostalgic about heat waves of the summer past. How do you keep summer days from drifting away? With colors, of course. Here are some of Teresa's signature enamel pieces, all vibrant hues of red, pale yellow, deep cobalt, and sea green. They were brilliantly captured on a clear summer day on the seaside town of Montauk, NY. The photographer is Margaret Danek Vasquéz, paper design extraordinaire and founder of Tiger & Jones stationery whose clients include The Chateau Marmont, Conde Nast, and Will Ferrell. Her mission is to "restore the art in the art of letter writing."
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Enjoy these pictures of t. kahres jewelry and check back next week...
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